Financial Support Bursary Scheme

Arden has a Financial Support Bursary Scheme (Hardship Fund) and also access to a Financial Education Tool through a platform called Blackbullion. 


The Financial Support Bursary scheme 

This will support  UK students who are faced with unexpected costs associated with a disability, those experiencing unexpected financial difficulties with food, childcare and rent and those struggling to engage digitally by financing laptops and broadband access.  

Click here to see the different funds available through Blackbullion  

Student Support staff can sign you up or you can also register via the Blackbullion website. It’s important that you use your Arden email address when you sign up so that you see all the funding options available. 

Email with any queries 


Financial Education Tool - Blackbullion 
  • This aims to support students’ financial education by setting you up with skills and tools for budgeting, planning and information around key topics such as cryptocurrency, working while studying and funding support.  
  • International students will have access to the tool but will not have access to the funds. 

Click here for access to a great library of financial planning resources! 

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