Adjustments & Support  

There are lots of different types of support and ‘reasonable adjustments’ available to Arden students who have a mental health condition, disability, long term illness and/or learning difference. 

When we put in place support, we will talk to you about the barriers you experience and offer a range of different reasonable adjustments to enable you to thrive during your studies at Arden. The support we provide is based on your individual needs but some examples include: 

  • Extra time or rest breaks in exams  

  • Extensions on coursework 

  • Support with applications to the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) for eligible students (you can find out more about the DSA in this helpful ‘find your way’ guide put together by D&A 

  • DSA support includes things like weekly specialist mentoring and study skills support; access to equipment and software. 

  • Having access to readings in advance and to audiobooks 

We are currently strengthening our Inclusion Services provision to ensure our support is as enabling as possible. We will also be able to offer the following services soon: 

  • Signposting and training in free software eg speech-to-text and mind-mapping software that can help with academic tasks like reading and essay writing 

  • Training and workshops for students to share strategies for studying, based around specific barriers or challenges e.g. organisation or reading. 

For more information about Reasonable Adjustments please see our policy here

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