Neurodiversity Network

Welcome to the Neurodiversity Network (NDN)


The Neurodiversity Network is a student & staff collaborative network open to neurodivergent and neurotypical members. We explore neurodiversity through the social model; that is, that neurodiversity is The Social Model rejects the concept that someone should be “normal” to enjoy the full range of human experience. Instead arguing that disability generally stems from society’s failure to accommodate varying needs. Physical or neurological differences shouldn’t constitute a barrier to inclusion or access, and by working together and learning from each other, we can improve accessibility for all neurotypes. 

Neurodiversity Network provides a space for: 

  • Shared understanding of the intersection of neurodivergent experiences,  
  • Seeking support and validation at Arden, 
  • Conducting research, 
  • Discussing how to improve accessibility at Arden, 
  • Exploring how neurodiversity enhances Arden university,  

What has NDN done so far? 

Our meetings: 

What do you get by joining:

  • Weekly meetings for social support and project planning,
  • Presentation and training opportunities,
  • Events with guest speakers,
  • NDN Hoodie,
  • Letter of recommendation,


  • Closed captions,  
  • text chat,  
  • optional video or voice communication,  
  • drop in and leave when you want. 

If you have accessibility queries, or have specific access needs you want to share, fill out this Accessibility Survey  or contact us directly at


What’s to come: 

We’re expanding our webpage where we well be adding resources and are recruiting members for an exciting research project.


NDN Research Group Calling for Volunteers! 

We are looking for volunteers to participate in a research project around your experience of neurodivergence as Arden students & staff. We also want to hear the experiences of neurotypical staff supporting neurodivergent peers and students. 

This research will provide insight into the Arden neurodivergent experience and help us create a Neurodiversity Toolkit. This toolkit will enhance academic and workplace support for neurodivergent individuals, such as providing guidance on reasonable adjustments, supporting accessible teaching and further training. 

Who can take part?  

  • All students who are actively enrolled on a course at Arden University, 
  • All staff who are actively employed at Arden University, 
  • You do not need to be diagnosed or disclose neurodivergence to take part, 
  • We are interested in hearing from staff members who do not identify as neurodivergent as well.  

What do I need to do to participate?  

  • If you are interested in participating click on the link to go to the Participant survey information sheet and survey:
  • If you are interested in participating in additional focus groups or interviews, you can specify this at the end of the survey.  

Would you like some more information?  

Email the team at 



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