Help if you are in a crisis or emergency situation

Emergency services Call 999 in an emergency for the Police, Ambulance or Fire service. NHS non-emergency…

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A stressed-looking woman is seated on a black chair and looks directly out at the viewer with a worried frown.  Her elbows are on the table and she is holding her hands to the sides of her head.  She is surrounded by four quite smartly dressed people, possibly her lecturers, with only their hands and arms visible.  They are all pointing their pens at her.

Managing Academic Pressures

Studying is about learning and not everything will be perfect. Working harder to attempt to reduce pressure can lead to…

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Close up picture of a tree trunk that appears to have almost fallen down, so that the branch coming off it is almost horizontal with the ground.  A vertical wooden sculpture of a forearm with a large open hand has been positioned so that it appears to be supporting one of the low branches of the tree.

Support from Arden

Togetherall All Arden University students have access to Togetherall, which includes free online welfare, as well as…

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External help and resources

During your time at university, you may have to deal with many challenging life circumstances.  It is important that…

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Top tips for Wellbeing

Wellbeing Studying at University can sometimes feel like it is just about classes and assignments, exams and grades.…

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Mental Health - Support and Guidance

During your time at University, you may have to deal with many challenging life circumstances.  It is important that…

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Two women are seen sitting and facing each other diagonally, engaged in conversation.  One has her back to the camera and only the back of her head and longish hair are visible.  The woman facing her is dressed in a smart white shirt and black jacket and has a friendly but serious expression.

Specific Learning Differences (dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia); ADHD and Autism

Specific Learning Differences, ADHD and Autism What are…

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A student is pictured in a classroom from the shoulders up with their eyes looking down at work on the desk.  The student has their elbow on the desk and is resting their head in their hand while working.  Another student is just visible in the background next to the classroom window.

What support do we offer?

Adjustments & Support   There are lots of different…

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A close up shot of a person’s arms and hands as they sort through documents with their laptop visible on their lap.  They are in a park, sitting alone on a stone bench in a park, with a fence visible behind them.

Evidence Requirements

Evidence   Anyone is welcome to share the barriers they…

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Two disabled women chat and sit on a couch, both holding coffee mugs. An electric lightweight mobility scooter rests on the side.

Disabled Student's Allowance

DSA Introduction If your ability to…

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A close up shot of a person’s arms and hands as they type on their laptop. The person is sat down on a mobility scooter and is wearing dark smart trousers and light purple shirt.

Disclosing a Disability

Definition Disclosing or sharing that you have a…

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What is a Disability?

Definition ‘Disability’ is an umbrella term that…

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